HAS/BHAK Liezen is an institution in secondary education for students aged 14 to 20. We are offering our students graduation at A-level and a comprehensive commercial education. HAK/HAS Liezen operates in the vocational sector and in secondary education. Graduates of our school start their business career directly after graduation in a middle management position in finance/banking/ sales or aim for further education at university or Fachhochschule in business related fields or any other fields. Our students come each morning to Liezen, the capital of the district Liezen, from villages/towns as far as 70km away.

There are 500 students and the school employs more than 60 teachers. Our institution is the biggest player in vocational education in our region and closely linked to the other HAKs in Styria and in the other federal states of Austria.

There are educational standards for HAKs especially and schools leading to A-level, generally. We have got partly standardized exams for A-level in Austria. Austrian vocational schools are highly regarded in international context. b. BHAK Liezen is entitled to award its graduates, majoring in International Business, the European excellence label EBBD, when they additionally to their education at school conduct an internship abroad.


Angelika Fuchs,